вторник, 23 апреля 2013 г.

What Intel Corporation Really Does

You thought Intel only produces processors and hardcore software like compilers and profilers? Think again.

A small ISV recently made a post about moving to their new office with plenty of photos. Among others are this photo of a shaman's tambourine with the repeating inscription "FIX THE BUG" and this photo of a horseshoe amulet with the inscription "A horseshoe nailed to the computer protects code from bugs (the ancient programmers' popular belief)". Both items proudly bear Intel logo on them.

Surely, Intel being a Serious Company™ has to provide a variety of tools for developing and maintaining software. Hence they can't go without shipping debugging aid tools like a shaman's tambourine and bug repelling items like a horseshoe amulet.

Dear Intel, I'm sure you'll be reading this at some point. Could you please not use screws for attaching the horseshoe to the base? In this case screws look as weird as your Atom CPU would look in Ancient Rome. Thank you.

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