четверг, 26 сентября 2013 г.

How Power Tools Manufacturers Could Get Their Logo Everywhere (Without Looking Dumb)

This day most power tool brands have a wide range of really impressive cordless tools. Most tools have removable batteries. More and more tools get equipped with lithium-ion batteries that have very good energy density and very low self-discharge. What's more important, the battery is the heart of every cordless tool and so all top brands put a lot of effort into equipping their tools with the best batteries possible - with as many charge cycles as possible, with the highest cell capacity, with the best overheating protection so that the battery can output very high power without risk of overheating and exploding.

So you're a cordless tools manufacturer and you've designed a very nice battery pack and you ship several drills, an impact driver, a saber saw, a pneumatic hammer, a flashlight, a disk saw, an oscillating tool, a radio and you can't imagine what else could run of the same battery for your benefits.

Have you ever heard of so-called portable chargers for mobile devices? That's a box with a battery inside that you first charge from mains or from USB and then you can use it to charge or power you cell phone, smartphone or even laptop when far from an outlet. People buy such things from some companies they never heard before.

Since you're a cordless tool manufacturer and you've crafted a very good battery pack for your tools. Why not let people use that battery pack for powering their electronics? All you need is a rather simple converter (yes, it will contain a fair share of electronic components, but this isn't that uncommon these days) that is snapped onto a power tool removable battery pack.

This way you can have your logo just about everywhere and more people know that your cordless tools come with really nice battery packs. Most people only use power tools occasionally or on their workplace or in their backyard but they use electronics everywhere. Letting them use your batteries in everyday life greatly increases exposure to your logo.

Last, but not least, using batteries more frequently will wear them out faster and you'll be able to sell more of them.

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